art depression

lol, sometimes I pass through some depression in art..Because I’m studying, yes, I study art everyday, and always there is some feeling on me saying that I’m not improving at all, I can’t help myself, I feel lost, I don’t know what to do, or what to study to improve myself..
Does it occur with you too?
I feel so sad, I try to cheer me up studying more, believing, but sometimes it’s hard..
If you have suggestions, or want to make a critique I will able to see where I can improve and so on..

Thank you, sorry for that

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day3 - imaginary friend ^^
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Character creation Day 2 - Allidragator =) My boyfriend asked me to make more details on this character, and I couldn’t deny a request from him ^-^
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A little owl, it’s dedicated to my family ^^ painted in Photoshop CS5 with tablet Intuos pro
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I ended up drawing my boyfriend, hehe
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trying another style, so fun..edit:Thank you Marcotonio for helping me out in adjusting the Levels in Photoshop thank you =)
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studying grayscale. And it will be a WildStar fan art ^^ I still have to make the mordesh details
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Digital painting study.
 I used Photoshop CS5.Photo reference:
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